Empty Your Inbox with ActiveWords and ClearContext!

The ActiveWords Wordbase for ClearContext automates Outlook inbox management via 8 keyword shortcuts.  Once you have installed ActiveWords and the ClearContext Wordbase (2007 | 2010), highlight the Inbox message you want to act on and issue one of the following shortcuts:

  • ccf - file the currently selected message to the project folder listed on the File Message button

  • ccu - undo the last message filed

  • cct - create a task out of the currently selected email

  • ccs - schedule a appointment from the currently selected email

  • ccd - defer a message for a specified period of time

  • ccn - unsubscribe from the current message conversation

  • ccp - assign a project to the current message conversation

  • ccj - jump to a specified project folder

  • cci - mark a message important

  • cca - create an AutoFile rule for the current message

To insert these free ActiveWords for ClearContext you must have unlocked the free 60 day ActiveWords PLUS trial or be a fully licensed ActiveWords PLUS customer.

About ActiveWords

For those of you new to ActiveWords, this powerful productivity tool adds keywords to Windows, providing a personal, portable, context free user interface with immediate response. Your words launch programs, jump to websites, send email, substitute text, search, and more. Receive information about any word or phrase in any context. Enter or select words in any context and your computer immediately delivers the results you want. Go to the ActiveWords website for additional information and a free download of the application.


About ClearContext

For those of you new to ClearContext , this Microsoft Outlook add-in helps users more efficiently manage their workday.  ClearContext automatically prioritizes email based on importance and includes additional functionality to create, process, and organize not only emails, but also tasks and appointments.  ClearContext also allows users to delegate email to others or defer emails so they disappear from the inbox and reappear at a later date. If you have not already done so, click here to download ClearContext for Microsoft Outlook.


Getting Started with AW and CC

  1. Install both ActiveWords and ClearContext (if you haven't already)
  2. Download and install the ClearContext Wordbase for your version of Outlook:
  3. Start using the keywords to the right:
    • Highlight an inbox message
    • Type a command
    • Press f8 to initiate
    • Watch the system work!


System Requirements

  • ActiveWords 1.95 or greater
  • ClearContext Pro v5.2 or greater
  • Outlook 2007 or 2010 running against Exchange or POP