ClearContext v5.4.1 Preview

v5.4.1 has been released to production!

ClearContext Pro
download here

ClearContext MYN/TWC Edition
download here
System Requirements:
Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010
Windows 7, Vista & XP
POP or Exchange Mail (Recommended Cached Exchange Mode)

TWC Customers

You do not need to uninstall first.  This will turn on single folder filing by default.  If you use project folders for filing, disable File all messages to root folder via ClearContext > Options.







Review your highest priority projectsv5.4 adds a category dashboard to view tasks and appointments by context category to better support GTD users and others who manage their tasks using categories .  To enable:

  • Use the category tab of the organizer to assign context categories to tasks.  Context categories are denoted by a special character in front of the category name (i.e. @Calls, !Next, *Phone ).
  • Select a category view on the ClearContext Summary Dashboard.  Like the Project Summary, ClearContext will display a count of tasks and appointments by context category in the dashboard, highlighting due and overdue categories.
  • Double-click a context category on the Dashboard to open it in the Detail tab (formerly the Project tab).  This will show all tasks and appointments with the assigned category.  Add new tasks to the category using the Add Task function on the detail dashboard and ClearContext will automatically append the current context category to the task.
  • View all tasks marked as Next Actions by double-clicking the !Next category in the Dashboard. 
  • Use the view on the Detail tab to filter tasks by date, priority or next actions.

For our customers who practice GTD, see our updated GTD guide for additional detail on integrating these new features into your workflow.

Please send your feedback to support at clearcontext dot com!