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How to Deal With “Bacn” Email Without Using Gmail’s Smart Labels - March 11, 2011
Simon Mackie - gigaom
"ClearContext Personal actually works in a similar manner to Smart Labels, filing unimportant emails, like social network notifications, newsletters, e-commerce emails and other bacn into categorized groups, taking it out of your inbox."

The trouble with office email - February 17, 2011
Geoff Nairn - Financial Times
"For example, ClearContext offers a plug-in for Microsoft Exchange that highlights important email and automatically files unimportant email from automated senders. In similar vein, Google recently added a “priority intray” feature to Gmail that tries to guess which emails are most important. "

Painlessly Organize Your Outlook Inbox, Auto-File Your Bacn - November 30, 2010
Dave Johnson - bnet
"If your inbox is filled with an undifferentiated pile of important, unimportant, high-pri, and low-pri mail, then you need some help. Here’s a tool that can help you take back control of your inbox, automatically, without setting up lots of rules or filters. The amazing thing? It actually works."

ClearContext Personal Makes Outlook More Productive - November 16, 2010
Simon Mackie - WebWorkerDaily
"[ClearContext Personal] automatically files unimportant emails, like social network notifications, newsletters, e-commerce emails, and other automated “bacn”, into categorized groups, taking it out of your inbox. It’s all done completely automatically, with no need to set up complex inbox rules. "

Product Spotlight: Clear Context organizer for Outlook - October 13, 2009
Derek Schauland - Tech Republic
"Anyone in your organization who manages a lot of messages will find that Clear Context can be a great help in organizing their information and helping them work more effectively with Outlook. It has certainly been a great help in my inbox."

ClearContext, Microsoft, Nordic River, Xerox, and Xobni win Basex Excellence Awards for Information Overload Innovations - August 12, 2009
"'These companies and offerings exemplify the types of products breaking new ground in the fight against Information Overload,' said Jonathan B. Spira, Basex' CEO and Chief Analyst, who will present the awards."

Six Tools to Help Tackle Overflowing Email - January 16, 2009
Robert Scoble - FastCompany
"If I were going to recommend only one tool, ClearContext ... offers the most immediate productivity gains. ... ClearContext removes that dread we feel when we open our inbox."

Technology Tools: E-mail's Little Helpers - August, 2008
Ryan Underwood - Inc. Magazine
"Best For Organizing Outlook Chaos: ClearContext"

Clive Thompson on How Email Bots Can Deal With Your Overstuffed Inbox - June 23, 2008
Clive Thompson - Wired
"It also endows you with superpowered sorting. If a work-related thread goes off the rails — like when colleagues hijack a project discussion to argue about Lost — you can zap it. From that point on, new messages in the thread are filtered out and deleted automatically."

ClearContext's Stab at Making Email More Manageable - May 19, 2008
Mark Hendrickson - TechCrunch
"ClearContext Personal has a number of tricks up its sleeve. First, it analyzes 30-40 characteristics of each message that hits your inbox to determine its priority..."

Struggling to Evade the E-Mail Tsunami - April 20, 2008
Randall Stross - New York Times
"When Mr. Arrington wrote a post about the persistent problem of e-mail overload and the opportunity for an entrepreneur to devise a solution, almost 200 comments were posted within two days. Some start-up companies were mentioned favorably, like ClearContext (sorts Outlook inbox messages by imputed importance)..."

Email's Friendly Fire - November 27, 2007
Rebecca Buckman - Wall Street Journal
"ClearContext... uses algorithms to quickly analyze a user's email to determine which contacts and messages are the most important."

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