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How to Deal With “Bacn” Email Without Using Gmail’s Smart Labels - March 11, 2011
Simon Mackie - gigaom
"ClearContext Personal actually works in a similar manner to Smart Labels, filing unimportant emails, like social network notifications, newsletters, e-commerce emails and other bacn into categorized groups, taking it out of your inbox."

The trouble with office email - February 17, 2011
Geoff Nairn - Financial Times
"For example, ClearContext offers a plug-in for Microsoft Exchange that highlights important email and automatically files unimportant email from automated senders. In similar vein, Google recently added a “priority intray” feature to Gmail that tries to guess which emails are most important. "

Painlessly Organize Your Outlook Inbox, Auto-File Your Bacn - November 30, 2010
Dave Johnson - bnet
"If your inbox is filled with an undifferentiated pile of important, unimportant, high-pri, and low-pri mail, then you need some help. Here’s a tool that can help you take back control of your inbox, automatically, without setting up lots of rules or filters. The amazing thing? It actually works."

ClearContext Professional 5.2 - November 18, 2010
Jasmine France -
"Plus, there's not much of a learning curve, so it should be easy as pie for newbies to catch on."

ClearContext Personal Makes Outlook More Productive - November 16, 2010
Simon Mackie - WebWorkerDaily
"[ClearContext Personal] automatically files unimportant emails, like social network notifications, newsletters, e-commerce emails, and other automated “bacn”, into categorized groups, taking it out of your inbox. It’s all done completely automatically, with no need to set up complex inbox rules. "

Is e-mail dead? No way. - October 6, 2010
Laura Casey - Contra Costa Times
"In fact, e-mail is only becoming more important for working professionals, says Deva Hazarika of ClearContext of San Francisco, a software company that helps people organize all the information that flows through e-mail."

ClearContext 5 - AWESOME GOODNESS! - January 5, 2010
Rich Denis - .NET Geek
"If you have a lot of email in your life, or if you just want to be more organized, Clear Context 5 is a must have for Outlook. With the new Undo File, Multi-mail file support, one-click filing, this version of Clear Context is the ‘bee’s knees’"

Get your Outlook under control - December 8, 2009
Barry Cohen - BC Bytes
"'Use MS Outlook to run your life. Get ClearContext to get more control."

Microsoft’s Outlook Opens Up to an Uncertain Future - October 26, 2009
Om Malik - GigaOm
"'ClearContext CEO Deva Hazarika in an email writes: 'The announcement makes it sound like this opens up a wide range of ways to extend what people can do with Outlook data...'"

Product Spotlight: Clear Context organizer for Outlook - October 13, 2009
Derek Schauland - Tech Republic
"Anyone in your organization who manages a lot of messages will find that Clear Context can be a great help in organizing their information and helping them work more effectively with Outlook. It has certainly been a great help in my inbox."

How to Beat Information Overload - September 30, 2009
Nathan Zeldes - IEEE Spectrum
"'There is also a growing body of products that automate the classification and handling of messages in the in-box of the individual user."

ClearContext Pro Evaluation - August 12, 2009
Calmly Productive
"'After spending a week with ClearContext, I can honestly say that I am quite impressed. ... the number of new messages sitting in my inbox that have arrived since installing ClearContext is……drum roll…..ZERO."

ClearContext, Microsoft, Nordic River, Xerox, and Xobni win Basex Excellence Awards for Information Overload Innovations - August 12, 2009
"'These companies and offerings exemplify the types of products breaking new ground in the fight against Information Overload,' said Jonathan B. Spira, Basex' CEO and Chief Analyst, who will present the awards."

The Best Outlook Productivity Add-in - July 16, 2009
Phil Seeman - More Productive Now
"I’ve settled on the [Outlook add-in] that I find most valuable for keeping myself and my clients organized and in control inside of Outlook: ClearContext Pro. "

GTD - Electronic - July 6, 2009
Jessica Sepke - Tech Life Balance
" amazing tool for me for the last year and a half. "

Inbox Zero... - February 22, 2009
HighTechExec -
"I use an application called ClearContext to manage my Inbox Zero Strategy. It provides 3 very valuable tools that free you from that pile of emails. "

Six Tools to Help Tackle Overflowing Email - January 16, 2009
Robert Scoble - FastCompany
"If I were going to recommend only one tool, ClearContext ... offers the most immediate productivity gains. ... ClearContext removes that dread we feel when we open our inbox."

Get a handle on your email with ClearContext - November 6, 2008
Robert Scoble -

Email is as addictive as a slot machine - August 28, 2008
Suw Charman-Anderson - The Guardian
"A July 2006 study by ClearContext... discovered that 56% spent more than two hours a day in their inbox."

We're Drowning in E-mail - August 1, 2008
Michael Doan - Kiplinger
"IORG's director, Nathan Zeldes, an Intel engineer, says software from ClearContext sorts email into different categories of messages -- urgent, less urgent and so on."

Technology Tools: E-mail's Little Helpers - August, 2008
Ryan Underwood - Inc. Magazine
"Best For Organizing Outlook Chaos: ClearContext"

You've got too much e-mail - July 31, 2008
Leslie Brenner - L.A. Times
"According to Vice President Deva Hazarika (who is also chief executive of ClearContext Corp., a software development corporation), [IORG] formed when a number of researchers, academics and software developers came together to discuss the challenges they were seeing in corporations. "

Yahoo's new Zimbra Desktop puts all your e-mail in order - July 24, 2008
Jon Swartz - USA Today
"Zimbra is the latest entrant in a field of e-mail programs — which include Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird — and a small group of e-mail-organizing services — such as ClearContext and Xobni. Zimbra is different because it combines both services while the user is off-line."

Information on information overload - July 11, 2008
Jon Swartz - USA Today
"'The biggest impact, by far, is on business e-mail users,' says Deva Hazarika, vice president of IORG and CEO of ClearContext, a maker of organizing software for Microsoft Outlook."

Clive Thompson on How Email Bots Can Deal With Your Overstuffed Inbox - June 23, 2008
Clive Thompson - Wired
"It also endows you with superpowered sorting. If a work-related thread goes off the rails — like when colleagues hijack a project discussion to argue about Lost — you can zap it. From that point on, new messages in the thread are filtered out and deleted automatically."

Organizing my messy inbox with ClearContext - June 6, 2008
Bambi Francisco -
"Deva Hazarika, ClearContext founder and CEO, recently stopped by the Vator studios to announce the free version of his inbox management tool product."

ClearContext's Stab at Making Email More Manageable - May 19, 2008
Mark Hendrickson - TechCrunch
"ClearContext Personal has a number of tricks up its sleeve. First, it analyzes 30-40 characteristics of each message that hits your inbox to determine its priority..."

When Outlook Gets Personal, It Get Clear Context - May 19, 2008
Om Malik - GigaOm
"One really good reason to download this app: it automatically sort emails from a wide variety of applications and websites into nice little folders. You can quickly see how many Facebook messages or Evite invitations you got."

ClearContext swings again, adding processing power to email - May 19, 2008
Chris Morrison - VentureBeat
"The idea for ClearContext is to cut down on the number of clicks, and the amount of thought, required to deal with email."

ClearContext for Outlook announces public beta - May 19, 2008
Don Dodge - The Next Big Thing
"ClearContext helps with project management: sorting and categorizing emails relating to a particular subject or project."

ClearContext tames Outlook - May 19, 2008
Rafe Needleman - Webware
"On Monday, ClearContext, which has had a paid, enterprise-level e-mail organizer for a while now, is releasing ClearContext Personal, a free, de-featured version of the product"

ClearContext Personal steps up the pressure on Xobni - or does it? - May 19, 2008
Tris Hussey - MapleLeaf 2.0
"For me, ClearContext’s power and utility has been the message prioritization and the ability to file away messages quickly."

ClearContext Personal Beta Program Begins, Puts Outlook Information in Context to Prevent Email Overload - May 19, 2008
ClearContext Corporation
"Free ClearContext Personal Outlook Add-in Helps People Process Email Faster and Keep Their Information Organized"

Struggling to Evade the E-Mail Tsunami - April 20, 2008
Randall Stross - New York Times
"When Mr. Arrington wrote a post about the persistent problem of e-mail overload and the opportunity for an entrepreneur to devise a solution, almost 200 comments were posted within two days. Some start-up companies were mentioned favorably, like ClearContext (sorts Outlook inbox messages by imputed importance)..."

ClearContext for Outlook - April 9, 2008
Jack Crawford -
"Their daily workflow information management process is a simple but effective tool."

50 Ways to make your software do more - February 26, 2008
Chris Null - PCWorld
"Information Management System offers tools that are useful for organizing your Outlook data, starting with a dashboard that provides a consolidated look at your tasks and calendar items."

Become an E-Mail Ninja - January 13, 2008
Sadia Latifi - New York Magazine
"Hire a virtual butler. Add-on applications like ClearContext act like gatekeepers, automatically rearranging messages in order of importance."

ClearContext IMS Helps You Work Smarter with Outlook - December 9, 2007
James E. Powell - The Office Letter
"The new Dashboard feature puts all messages, appointments, notices, and tasks on a single screen -- right at your fingertips. It's similar to the To-Do bar Microsoft introduced in Outlook 2007, except that it's more attractive, easier to read, and lets you display all items or just those you want to see using a topic and/or category filter."

The Value of ClearContext - November 27, 2007
Craig Kennedy - Real Coaching
"What ClearContext has provided is much needed "context". When I move into the dashboard and begin quickly clicking through my projects, I inevitably find a number of small actionable tasks that I'm all too willing to tackle because I can now see clearly "why" I wanted to do it. By seeing that clear link from task to project, my motivation remains high and I'm getting much more done."

Email's Friendly Fire - November 27, 2007
Rebecca Buckman - Wall Street Journal
"ClearContext... uses algorithms to quickly analyze a user's email to determine which contacts and messages are the most important."

Email Overload - November 27, 2007
Gui Cremerius
"Who doesn’t suffer from email overload these days? Even my 75 year old mother sometimes claims she’s getting too much email!"

ClearContext : pour mieux organiser ses e-mails dans Outlook. - November 26, 2007
Stéphanie Renault - 01net.
"IMSv4, édité par ClearContext, permet de s'y retrouver facilement face aux avalanches quotidiennes de messages, grâce à des règles simples de tri, de priorité, de suivi des alertes..."

ClearContext IMS Review: How to Manage Email - November 25, 2007
Bill Masella - Projects Possible
"With each release of this product I find that I am becoming more and more of a fan and my Outlook life is now so entrenched in it’s use that I couldn’t even imagine what Outlook would be like without it."

Annoyed By Your Boss's Email? No Problem. - November 17, 2007
Neil Smithline - My Geekdom
"All-in-all, CCIMS is a wonderful tool."

ClearContext Information Management System Pro 4.0 - November 11, 2007
Heinz Tschabitscher -
"Version 4 adds a helpful Dashboard that collects emails, tasks and appointments on a project basis. Also new are ClearContext alerts for messages from certain people or in a particular thread — as well as a handy Do Not Disturb button that turns off Outlook's email notifications for a while."

ClearContext IMS - November 7, 2007
Steve Parker - Internet Fork
"If you are a Microsoft Outlook user, ClearContext is a godsend."

ClearContext Aims To Untangle Your Outlook Inbox - November 6, 2007
David Needle - Enterprise News
"If you use Outlook, but have trouble keeping track of the glut of e-mail the Microsoft program collects, a solution may be at hand."

E-mail overload? ClearContext promises solution for Outlook users - November 5, 2007
Eric Lai - ComputerWorld
"Version 4 of Information Management System (IMS) gives users an integrated dashboard view of all the e-mails, appointments and contacts related to a given project -- something that 'fundamentally hasn't been possible in Outlook before,' said ClearContext CEO Deva Hazarika."

ClearContext - Helping you with email overload - November 5, 2007
Chris Morrison - VentureBeat
"So ClearContext helps give some structure to the user’s day. It allows new email notifications to be selectively turned on or off, giving the user breathing room to work on the actual projects related to their email communications. At other times, users are encouraged to go through and deal with their prioritized emails."

ClearContext IMS Released to Help Users Gain Control of Their Inbox and Save Hours  - November 5, 2007
"ClearContext Corporation today announced the release of Information Management System (IMS) v4, the first application to create a project-based view of the existing information within Microsoft Outlook and automate the management and filing of incoming email by prioritizing contacts and organizing information. ClearContext also unveiled a best practice methodology for email management developed based on feedback from thousands of customers."

Some Outlook Relief Perhaps - July 2, 2007
Steven Smith
"Recently, however, I installed a tool called ClearContext that I'm falling in love with."

digging out from under the inbox - June 1, 2007
Steve Hebert - Steve Hebert's Development Blog
"I now have my inbox down to 0 items - everything is filed and captured with minimal effort. That's a great feeling. In my mind, this is what Outlook should have been in the first place." as and Outlook Add-in - May 25, 2007
Scott Cate
"...I started looking around for outlook add-in's that compliment the GTD method. A bunch of my online companions pointed me to They have a free version, which I'm using, and I have to say .... I LOVE IT."

ClearContext @ the ScobleShow - May 11, 2007
Phil Sassen - Tales from the Geekside
"Eine überfüllte Mailbox lässt sich einfach leeren."

ClearContext and GTD - April 16, 2007
Ali Alpay - Young Turk's Ramble
"Unsubscribing from threads is a welcome addition to the basics from NetCentrics. This allows you to remove yourself from a thread: basically, ClearContext files all future replies with the same subject to a folder akin to junk mail. In an email heavy culture like Microsoft, this button alone pays for the software some days."

The Tablet PC Show: Episode #57 - April 1, 2007
Perry Reed - The Podcast Network
"...the most usable [Outlook add-in], the most useful to me, the one I use the most often because I use it daily."

ClearContext IMS Professional: Orde in de Mailbox - March 27, 2007
Jamie Biesemans - ZDNet
"Kampt u ook met een uitpuilende brievenbus die u meer stress dan informatie bezorgt? Misschien kan een beetje meer structuur u dan wel helpen. Het zou mooi zijn als de belangrijkste mails prominent verschijnen, terwijl minder relevante berichtjes naar de achtergrond worden gedrongen. Dat is exact wat ClearContext IMS belooft te doen - en meer."

ClearContext - Control your Inbox! - February 21, 2007
Jason Alexander - Jason Alexander's Blog
"One thing that helps me get through this each day without going absolutely mad is ClearContext's IMS Product. I've converted a few people at work already, but I have to shout it from the mountains because it's a great, great product. Check out the top three favorite features of mine... "

A developer's perspective on Outlook 2007 - January 26, 2007
David Gewirtz - Outlook Power Magazine
"As we move forward into integrating Outlook 2007 into our lives, we'll be exploring the new software from a wide variety of perspectives. In this interesting interview, we've had the opportunity to talk with Deva Hazarika, founder and CEO of ClearContext Corporation, a maker of a popular email organization add-on to Outlook."

It's time to fight back against 'informania' - January 23, 2007
Todd Bishop - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
"'A lot of the solution is contingent upon people giving thought to how much time their e-mail requires of others,' said workshop participant Deva Hazarika, chief executive of ClearContext Corp., a San Francisco company that sells Microsoft Outlook add-ins for organizing and taking action on e-mail."

CompuSchmooze Podcast #19: Digital Downloading Behavior and a new add-in for Outlook - January 23, 2007
Steven Lubetkin - The CompuShmooze Podcast
"Digging out from the avalanche of email that arrives every business day requires an automated solution to filter and organize the torrent."

Review: ClearContext IMS Pro 3.0 - January 1, 2007
Jim Powell - The Office Letter
"From automated handling of incoming and outgoing messages to creating follow-up tasks, ClearContext will help you get more out of Outlook."

Email in Context - January 1, 2007
Bob and Joy Schwabach - On Computers
"...[a] program called IMS Pro that works with Microsoft Outlook to, well, put your mail in context."

Outlook 2007 & ClearContext v3 - December 12, 2006
Tim Schaab - Tim in a Nutshell
"Nothing on Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux yet has matched the power it gives email."

ClearContext Wins Again - December 2, 2006
Tim Weaver - Code Verity
"I don't want to have to think about where/or how to file things. I just want it to happen. Clear Context does that for me."

Review: ClearContext IMS Pro - December 1, 2006
Mike Gunderloy - The Daily Grind
"One nice touch is the ability to designate a set of Exchange Server public folders or a set of SharePoint discussion lists as a secondary message store, and then to use ClearContext's features to file messages into that store as well as into the primary store. This opens the possibility of using ClearContext as a lightweight collaborative tool as well as a personal productivity tool."

ClearContext 3: Well Worth It! - December 1, 2006
Ken Robertson - Ken.Robertson.Blog
"I've been using 3.0 for about a month now and absolutely love it! Before Vista RTM'd, I was using their beta version with Office 2007 B2TR. I was impressed with the beta, and I'm even more impressed with the final version..."

How to Increase your Productivity Within Outlook - November 9, 2006
Joel P. Bruckenstein - Morningstar Advisor
"In essence, IMS Pro uses artificial intelligence to act as a personal assistant for your e-mail. It saves time for users by automatically identifying which messages need immediate attention and which ones can be addressed at a later time; but it does much more."

ClearContext: Prioritize your email! - November 29, 2006
Laura Foy -
"Working like a digital butler, ClearContext watches your email patterns and quickly learns who is important and who can wait."

Email management, clearing your inbox? - November 17, 2006
Tristam Hussey - Pimp Your Work
"Look, if you use Outlook, you need to try this add-in. Seriously."

ClearContext in Context - November 17, 2006
Scot Herrick - Pimp Your Work
"...ClearContext automatically figured out who all of my most important contacts were and there they were, right at the top of my e-mail box."

ClearContext Information Management System Pro 3.0 - Outlook 2007 and Productivity Updates - November 10, 2006
Heinz Tschabitscher -
"ClearContext Information Management System Pro and Inbox Manager for Microsoft Outlook plug into Outlook seamlessly, magic- and automatically transforming your Inbox into a cleaner, leaner, organized and better place."

ClearContext Review: Very Long!!! - November 9, 2006
Angie Bates - The Cat's Meow
"In 3 days, I had reduced my 600+ inbox (and all new emails received in those 3 days) to ZERO!"

ClearContext IMS released with full Outlook 2007 support - November 7, 2006
Marc Orchant - Office Evolution
"ClearContext uses a combination of filters, toolbars, and behavioral learning to sort the contents of your Inbox to put the most important messages front and center for your review and action."

ClearContext Outlook add-in releases version 3.0 - November 7, 2006
Jason Clarke - downloadsquad
"I can tell you, the combination of Outlook 2007 and ClearContext can't be beat."

ClearContext Introduces Automated Personal Assistant - Novmember 6, 2006
"IMS Pro is an automated personal email assistant fully supporting Microsoft Outlook 2007 and prior versions, extending email management capabilities to integrated task and schedule management including sharing into Exchange and SharePoint."

ClearContext IMS 3.0 Can Change Your Life!!! - November 3, 2006
Rich Denis - The Original .NET Geek
"What I love is that its flexible enough to allow you to work the way that you want to."

ClearContext 3.0 - October 20, 2006
Garth Kidd - Deadly Bloody Serious
"Important items float to the top of my inbox as if by magic, and I can assign labels and file them without dragging and dropping."

My GTD Odyssey - Part 2 - October 13, 2006
Dwayne Melancon - Genuine Curiosity
"The ability to deal efficiently with threads and topics is a big differentiator between ClearContext and other tools I've used."

Hanselminutes #30: A Better Outlook - August 25, 2006
Scott Hanselman - Hanselminutes
"Outlook on steroids."

Manage Email Overload with ClearContext Outlook Add-In - August 16, 2006
Dr. Tammy Lenski - Mediator Tech
"No bugginess, easy power downs, fantastic email handling and filing."

Getting Things Done Software Systems - August 14, 2006
Jason Clarke- Download Squad
"...let me say that if you ever struggle with keeping up with your email and you are an Outlook user, it is definitely worth your while to investigate ClearContext further. The prioritization engine and inbox views are pure gold."

Review: ClearContext IMS Pro - June 28, 2006
Mike Gunderloy - Larkware News
" excellent add-in for Microsoft Outlook that seamlessly integrates with the stock user interface to provide tools to make it possible to more efficiently manage a large volume of e-mail..."

Think Clearly - June 27, 2006
Gary Price - Total Gaming
"It can be as powerful as you want, or need, it to be, keeping you in control at all times."

Getting Clear Control of Your Tasks Today - June 10, 2006
Heshy Shayovitz - JewCentral
"Overall IMS Pro will help you become more productive starting today."

This product has changed my life - May 26, 2006
Rich Denis
"This product is amazing. It has changed the way that I deal with my day to day information overload."

Cuts Right Through the Email Glut! - May 5, 2006
Bernard Foster
"This is the first week a long time where I am ending the week with only 30 emails in my inbox...last weekend (prior to having ClearContext) I had 490!!!"

Review of ClearContext Information Management System - April 23, 2006
Paul Albada Jelgersma - Getting Things Done - My Way
"I highly recommend this product. It saves me at least an hour each day. No longer is my Inbox a scary place."

ClearContext Launches Two New Products to Manage Email Overload - March 22, 2006
"ClearContext Information Management System Pro and free Inbox Manager Personal Edition help Microsoft Outlook users efficiently cope with increasing volumes of email by utilizing automated email prioritization, organization, and email-driven workflow capabilities."

ClearContext 2.0 to be released tomorrow! - March 21, 2006
Jason Clarke - J.P.C. Jason Clarke
"The 2.0 version of ClearContext comes with a raft of new features, tons of fit and finish, and effectively turns Outlook into the email management solution it should already have been."

Email Management Is Essential for a Growing Web 2.0 Business - March 3, 2006
Robyn Tippins - RSS Applied
"ClearContext, like SNARF by Microsoft, and other email management tools, strives to help you manage your email overload."

ClearContext beta now public - download this now - January 6, 2006
Shawn Morrissey - Microsoft Windows
"I can now manage my inbox workflow in a whole new way, and never worry about forgetting follow-ups…"

ClearContext Information Management System - January 6, 2006
Phil Sassen - Takes from the Geekside
"Die aktuelle Beta 2.0 habe ich gestern getestet und bin mehr als begeitert."

Outlook Plug-In Follow Up - January 4, 2006
Rex Winn, Jr. - Code Frog System Architects
In a nutshell ClearContext totally met my need for a mail management tool in a lot of ways I never expected. It really changed the way I think about email and email management."

ClearContext 2.0 Beta is now public - December 29, 2005
Marc Orchant - theofficeweblog
"The new version is a powerful platform for productivity, especially when combined with the ClearContext ActiveWords Agent."

ClearContext v2 Beta - December 29, 2005
Omar Shahine - Microsoft Hotmail
"I think [the Defer feature] alone is worth the upgrade. It works well, and helps me manage my inbox."

The Tablet PC Show: Episode #25 - December 26, 2005
Perry Reed - The Podcast Network
"...a very nice way to organize my email, to keep track of it, to know what I need to respond to right away, and then to manage it after I've read it."

Should Microsoft Invest in Features? - November 17, 2005
Ezra Roizen - AlwaysOn
"I decided to go to the "startup-sphere" in search of Microsoft-oriented innovation, so I called Deva Hazarika, cofounder of ClearContext."

The Personal Productivity Show #015 - November 13, 2005
Cameron Reilly - The Podcast Network
"Had a chat with Buzz and Brad this morning about the Activewords scripts now available for Clear Context."

Tame Your Inbox
Phil Sassen - Takes from the Geekside
"Der ClearContext Inbox Manager schafft Abhilfe im Kampf gegen die Mailflut."

The Personal Productivity Show #010 - ClearContext - September 23, 2005
Cameron Reilly and Des Paroz - The Podcast Network
"Even Outlook power users will love this product. Trust us - it’s smarter than you are. Oh yes it is."

Getting the Most Out of ClearContext - September 22, 2005
Shawn Morrissey - Microsoft Windows
"If you use Outlook and receive any more that 10 messages a day, do yourself a huge favor and download this tool."

ClearContext... a pretty cool tool... - September 12, 2005

"ClearContext is one of the tools that, even though I have only had it a week or so, has totally changed the way I relate to my inbox."

ClearContext Plug-In Prioritizes E-mails - August 8, 2005
Michael Caton - eWeek

"Those rules generally did a good job of moving messages, ... to the top of the queue."

ClearContext, OnlyMyEmail Help Tame E-mail Madness - August 1, 2005
Jim Powell - The Office Letter
"ClearContext Inbox Manager works inside Outlook like a rules engine on steroids."

Don't Become a Slave to Email - July 16, 2005
Brad Meador - Outlook Power Magazine

"It's easy to complain about your email problem, but it's much harder to do something about it. If you don't get yourself a strategy for dealing with email, you're not being fair to yourself, your customers, or your co-workers."

High-stakes start-ups - June 13, 2005
Alorie Gilbert - CNET

"ClearContext, which makes a program that helps Microsoft Outlook users sort and organize their e-mail in-boxes, has certainly taken an unusual approach to venture financing."

A bit more on productivity tools - because, oops, I omitted an important tool! - June 12, 2005
Brian Tinkler

"The fact of the matter is ClearContext is an invaluable tool that I use everyday."

Silicon Valley Five Card Studs - June 2005
Michael Fitzgerald - San Francisco Magazine

This is Your Brain on E-Mail - May 27, 2005
Libe Goad - PC Magazine

"Another recent e-mail usage survey by the ClearContext Corp. found similar results: A majority of respondents spend one to two hours per day on e-mail, and a majority of them check e-mail on a mobile device."

Review: ClearContext - April 27, 2005
William Batholomew - William.Blog()

"I think [topic filing] alone makes ClearContext worth the asking price."

ClearContext to Deal With E-mail - January 20, 2005
Omar Shahine - Microsoft Hotmail
"As of now (1 month with the software) I cannot live without it."

Organize Your Inbox Using ClearContext - November 19, 2004
Diana Huggins -

"ClearContext Inbox Manager for Microsoft Outlook is now my new best friend."

Shoebox or File Cabinet - October 30, 2004
Ed Bott, Author, Special Edition Using Microsoft Office 2003

"How does it work? Well, let's just say that yesterday, my inbox was overflowing with 4500 messages. Today, it contains 29 messages, all of them related to a project I'm working on now."

ClearContext Inbox Manager for Microsoft Outlook 1.0.1 - October 2004
Heinz Tschabitscher,'s Guide to Email
"ClearContext Inbox Manager plugs into Outlook seamlessly, turning your Inbox in a cleaner, leaner, organized and better place without much intervention."

ClearContext Inbox Manager: Outlook Email Manager - October 2004 Review

"It uses many of the natively supported Outlook features (rules, views, folders etc.) and combines them into an easy-to-use email management system that requires very little training, and transparently integrates with Outlook, without the need for additional interfaces or applications."



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