ClearContext Launches Two New Products to Manage Email Overload

ClearContext Information Management System Pro and free Inbox Manager Personal Edition help Microsoft Outlook users efficiently cope with increasing volumes of email by utilizing automated email prioritization, organization, and email-driven workflow capabilities.

San Francisco, CA - March 22, 2006 -- ClearContext Corporation today announced the release of ClearContext Information Management System Pro (IMS Pro), a Microsoft Outlook add-in to help individuals efficiently manage email, tasks, and appointments in a fully integrated fashion, and ClearContext Inbox Manager Personal Edition, a free product to automatically prioritize and organize email. Both products utilize patent-pending email and contact prioritization algorithms to highlight a user’s most important email and provide features to quickly organize and file related emails by project.

IMS Pro includes additional functionality to create, process, and organize not only emails, but also tasks and appointments. “As business users face ever increasing email volumes, taking quick, effective action on messages becomes vital,” said ClearContext CEO Deva Hazarika. “ClearContext IMS Pro allows users to instantly identify critical email and with a single click create action items linked to that email - transforming Outlook into a powerful information management system.”

In addition to instantly converting emails into tasks and appointments, IMS Pro also allows users to delegate email to others or defer emails so they disappear from the inbox and reappear at a later date. “Defer is like a snooze button for email,” said Brad Meador, ClearContext’s VP of Operations. “The combination of these features and automated email prioritization allows busy users to very quickly perform ‘email triage’ on their inbox.” Outgoing message features include the ability to generate reminders if a response is not received within a certain timeframe and automatic filing of sent messages into project folders.

To help users manage their action items, two powerful new dashboard views have been integrated into Outlook. ActionView provides users with a consolidated view of all pending action items (tasks, appointments, deferred messages, and flagged messages) filtered by project, enabling individuals to more efficiently manage and organize their workday. RelatedView displays all related emails, tasks and appointments along with a history of all activity within the email conversation, allowing users to at a glance see when emails were sent or received and view all action items generated from these messages.

ClearContext Inbox Manager Personal Edition is available completely free of charge. ClearContext Information Management System Pro is priced at $69.95 per single-user license with a 30-day free trial available. Both products can be downloaded at .

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