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"After a couple of weeks it, I can say that ClearContext helped me tamed my Inbox."

"ClearContext saved my baby! ...Okay, it didn’t save my baby…but it is pretty sweet."
"I must say, this is the best tool that I have used for productivity.  I’ve raved about it before, and if you’re reading this because you are searching for information on if you should buy CC v4, just buy it. It will change your email management life."

"What ClearContext has provided is much needed "context". When I move into the dashboard and begin quickly clicking through my projects, I inevitably find a number of small actionable tasks that I'm all too willing to tackle because I can now see clearly "why" I wanted to do it. By seeing that clear link from task to project, my motivation remains high and I'm getting much more done."

"The feature I like the most and use all the time is something very simple but very time consuming: filing messages. IMS implements a nice way of doing it by keeping track of the folder/topic you assign for the very first message in a thread, and then it just remembers it. You could either press the File Message or the File thread to get them out of you inbox and into the right folder. Your replies are also filed in the same folders if you whish, so you keep the whole conversation together. This is something I really like!"

"I'm certain that it reduces the time I spend dealing with email to under 50% of my what it was without it."

"Recently... I installed a tool called ClearContext that I'm falling in love with."

"I now have my inbox down to 0 items - everything is filed and captured with minimal effort.  That's a great feeling. In my mind, this is what Outlook should have been in the first place."

"It made working with Outlook empowering. Heck, it made email empowering. Nothing on Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux yet has matched the power it gives email. "


"...I cannot live without it."

Omar Shahine - Microsoft Hotmail


"If you use Outlook... do yourself a huge favor and download this tool."

Shawn Morrissey - Microsoft Windows


"Even Outlook power users will love this product. Trust us - it's smarter than you are. Oh yes it is."

Cameron Reilly - The Podcast Network

"How does it work? Well, let's just say that yesterday, my inbox was overflowing with 4500 messages. Today, it contains 29..."

Ed Bott - Author, Special Edition Using Microsoft Office 2003


"I think [topic filing] alone makes ClearContext worth the asking price."

William Bartholomew - William.Blog()


"I have only five emails unanswered in my inbox now. A week ago it was more than 500."

Robert Scoble - PodTech


"...the most usable [Outlook add-in], the most useful to me, the one I use the most often because I use it daily."

Perry Reed - The Tablet PC Show



...absolutely love it!

Ken Robertson



"I absolutely love the ClearContext product."

Jeff Sandquist - Microsoft Ch. 9 & 10 excellent add-in for Microsoft Outlook...

Mike Gunderloy - The Daily Grind


"Der ClearContext Inbox Manager schafft Abhilfe im Kampf gegen die Mailflut."

Phil Sassen - Tales from the Geekside



"...just what you need to make the most of your e-mail."

Jim Powell - The Office Letter



"ClearContext is one of the tools that... has totally changed the way I relate to my inbox."



"It really changed the way I think about email and email management."

Rex Winn



"...effectively turns Outlook into the email management solution it should already have been."

Jason Clarke




"The new version is a powerful platform for productivity..."

Marc Orchant - theofficeweblog


"Thank you for a wonderful product - My Inbox is now a functional place again!"

Paul Albada Jegelgersma



"Overall .., I am quite impressed with ClearContext v2.0 now that I'm using its tasks features."

Ken Robertson



"...makes organizing your Inbox very easy and efficient."

Jeff Donnici


"The scoring engine is brilliant. "

Bernard Foster



"...I find myself experiencing GTD Nirvana..."




"Using the ClearContext Outlook add-in... I have been able to keep my inbox at zero!"

Jeff Giesbrecht


"IMS Pro will help you become more productive starting today."

Heshy Shayovitz - JewCentral



" excellent add-in... that seamlessly integrates ... to provide tools to make it possible to more efficiently manage a large volume of e-mail..."

Mike Gunderloy - Larkware News



"It can be as powerful as you want, or need, it to be, keeping you in control at all times."

Gary Price - Total Gaming


"Take it from me, this will be money well spent!"

Scott - Random Ramblings



"This product has changed my life."

Reviewer on



"Simply put, ClearContext has allowed me to better manage my life."

Mitch Lacey - MSN


"You will love it."

Nam Ng - Microsoft



"The prioritization engine and inbox views are pure gold."




"Outlook on Steroids."

Scott Hanselman - Hanselminutes


"...a big part in making my inbox more manageable."

Dwayne Melancon - Genuine Curiosity



"Important items float to the top of my inbox as if by magic..."

Garth Kidd - Deadly Bloody Serious



...fantastic email handling and filing.

Dr. Tammy Lenski - Mediator Tech


"...put the most important messages front and center for your review and action."

Marc Orchant - Office Evolution



"In 3 days, I had reduced my 600+ inbox (and all new emails received in those 3 days) to ZERO!"

Angie Bates - The Cat's Meow



"ClearContext... can change your life!"


Rich Denis - .Net Geeks


"Look, if you use Outlook, you need to try this add-in. Seriously."

Tris Hussey - Pimp Your Work



"When I first installed the program I had exactly 688 messages in my inbox! Now, I've neatly organized it into manageable topic folders & threads."

Al Gailey - Office Frustration



"...ClearContext automatically figured out who all of my most important contacts were..."

Scot Herrick - Pimp Your Work


"ClearContext Inbox Manager for Microsoft Outlook is now my new best friend."

Diana Huggins - Lockergnome




"The fact of the matter is ClearContext is an invaluable tool that I use everyday."

Brian Tinkler - Microsoft




"ClearContext Inbox Manager plugs into Outlook seamlessly, turning your Inbox in a cleaner, leaner, organized and better place without much intervention."

Heinz Tschabitscher -


"ClearContext Inbox Manager works inside Outlook like a rules engine on steroids."

Jim Powell - The Office Letter



"Email in context."

Bob & Joy Schwabach - On Computers



"...I swear by it..."

Kurt Westphal


"My inbox is down to 0 from a starting point of about 7,500."

PM - Investment Planning Firm



"...CC really feels as solid as any other feature of Outlook..."

SN - Software Program Manager



" I can keep my inbox empty on a daily basis, all thanks to ClearContext..."

Marty Parker - Communications Perspectives


"I love this software!"

MH - IT Services



"I love your software, it is very helpful"

JC - Fortune 100 Company



"Thanks for the great support and for a terrific product!"

BG - Registered User


"I can’t live without ClearContext anymore"

SM - Software Company



"I think you and your team have made some great steps in the gnarly process of "Outlook Info Management" - a process that plagues us all..."

RS - Registered User



"This rocks!"

GZ - Registered User


"The program went well beyond my expectations. It has gave me back so much time of my day, there is no way I am going back to email without it!"

TS - Registered User



"I'm blitzed with a good feeling about email at the moment."

RW - Software Developer




"I'm not sure I'd have realised how important ClearContext had become had the demo license not expired. I don't think I've ever handed over my credit card number that fast."

GK - Registered User


"I have found the program extremely helpful in cutting through the 100 or so emails I get every day."

CE - Electronics Manufacturer



"I enjoy showing everyone I work with how much easier it is to handle emails with ClearContext."

JM - Hardware Manufacturer



"I don't know how to live without CC…"

MH - Internet Bookseller


"...even after one day and no additional tuning, I can see your prioritization engine is damn good. The important mail pops right out."

ML - Author



"ClearContext is one of those tools that I can not live without"

JW - Pharmaceutical Corporation



...I have gone from having over 1 thousand old emails in my inbox... to having just this mornings emails in there. I can’t tell you how refreshing it feels.

JM - Software Developer


"Thanks for this great product!"

MT - Registered User



"Overall, you guys have simplified my inbox a great deal."

GF - Life Science Corporation



"This is fantastic software."

WB - Software Development Company


I am very happy with ClearContext and can't do without it.

MV - Satisfied Customer



It is of great help to manage the email [over]flow and I could not go back to the manual system again.

SR - VP of IT Operations



I'm wondering how it is I could live without it all these years!

SB - Registered User


"I think your product is brillant."

DH - IT Management



"ClearContext is by far the most useful and bug free add-in for outlook."

IG - Biosciences



"You have reinvented Outlook and made it, finally, useful. Thank you very much."

BJ - IT Services


"I'm in love with CC.
I'm in heaven with CC."

Email Usage Survey Response



"I use and love CC. … triage after vacations and holidays is easy for me using CC IMS Pro."

Email Usage Survey Response



"It has literally saved my sanity!
I'm serious."

Email Usage Survey Response


"...this product is the bomb!'

RD - Software Professional



"...really addicted to your product!"

RV - Satisfied User



"...nothing short of miraculous."




"one of my 'you'd have to kill me to make me stop using it' apps"





"This thing is unbelievable.  I would have happily paid 3 or 4 times what you charge if I had known it was this good."

DW- Gaming Company




Love it to bits!




" this is an awesome tool!'

TH - Blogger



"I have reduced my Inbox by 90%"

DM - SVP Global Software Provider



"...a pretty slick product; bravo!"

Microsoft Employee


" inbox actually seems tamed."

KS - Metropolitan Government



"Wow. I don't know how I lived without this tool."

MB - Marketing Professional



"I just came back from 4 weeks of vacation... and CC proved to be invaluable to plow through some 700+ messages in my inbox."

TL - Electronics Manufacturer