ClearContext Email Statistics and Scorecard

The Email Effectiveness Scorecard

The Email Effectiveness Scorecard provides an overall assessment of how effectively you’re managing your email and how heavy a workload you’re facing.

Email Effectiveness Rating

This score is an overall measure of how effectively you are managing your email communications.  The higher your score, the better you are doing with email!


Excellent (80 - 100):  great job at staying on top of email and getting a lot done!

Blue Ribbon

Very Good (60 - 79): you are doing a good job at keeping up with email!


OK (40 - 59): you are just managing to stay in control of your email.

Attention Required

Warning (20 - 39): you are falling behind in your email communications.

Da Bomb

Danger (0 - 19): Your email is getting totally out of control.

Rating Areas

Your email effectiveness score is made up of three components:

Workload  Workload

Your workload score measures how heavy your email communication volumes are.  The more emails you send and receive, the higher your workload score will be – and the harder it is for you to keep on top of your email!  Review Top Five Ways to Reduce Email Traffic.

My Stats

The My Stats tab allows you to see your email performance over time and compare your email statistics with other ClearContext users.

** Due to the online component of our metrics, you must be connected to the internet to view stats **

 My Stats Summary



The stats summary provides a snapshot of your email activity over the past week and an overview of your message priority breakdown while using ClearContext.




Compare Stats

The compare stats graphs let you view aspects of your email activity (messages sent, received, and average response time) over the past month, and see how they compare to the average ClearContext user’s statistics.


 Inbox Status


My Stats

The my stats graphs let you view how well you are keeping your inbox under control (especially users aiming for “inbox zero”) and track changes in your email effectiveness and workload over the past month.  

Beta Online Statistics


The ClearContext Online Stats Center lets you:


This feature is in beta testing!
We’re still fine-tuning the scoring algorithms based on your feedback, so please let us know how accurately you feel these scores represent your performance.