Following the instructions below, installation of ClearContext is quick and easy. If you are a Microsoft Outlook user and your system meets the requirements outlined in our FAQ, then please take the time to download and install our application. You can be up and running within ten minutes or less (based on the size of your email file).

ClearContext Setup

Upon startup of Microsoft Outlook after installation, ClearContext will analyze your email to rank contacts (found either within your address book or extracted from your email history) by priority. Via the ClearContext scoring algorithm, all email within the inbox will be scored and color-coded based several factors including sender, directness of the email, thread participation, etc.. As new email is received, it will be automatically given a priority and highlighted within the inbox. No additional "training" of the software or configuration is required. Within minutes you Outlook will be enhanced with powerful new features to highlight your important email and process your Inbox more efficiently.

Please review our Features Pages for detailed information about ClearContext and ways to refine the application to enhance your email experience.

Download & Installation

If you have not already, please review the FAQ to ensure that your system meets the requirements for the ClearContext install.

Note for Exchange Users: ClearContext is supported for Exchange Server 2000, 2003 & 2007 and functions in both online and offline modes. However, for installation, please make sure that you are in online, connected mode and/or connected, Cached Exchange Mode if you are an Outlook 2003 or 2007 user. It is also recommended that you install while connected to your Exchange server over a local network rather than via dial up or a VPN. Exchange setup may take longer then ten minutes and is dependent on email file size and the performance of your network Exchange server.

To install ClearContext® for Microsoft Outlook®:

1. Close Microsoft Outlook. (If you are running Exchange in Offline mode, synchronize your files with the server prior to closing).

2. If you have not done so already, click the Download button below to initiate download. Internet Explorer users should click Open to proceed and follow prompts for extracting and installing (see graphic below). Those using other browsers may need to save the file to the hard drive first, then run it. If you have any problems with the download process, see our Support Forums.


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ClearContext Email Prioritization Download Instructions

3. To complete extraction and begin installation, review the ClearContext License agreement on the "ClearContext Setup " screen. Check the box next "I accept the terms of the agreement" and click "Install." When extraction is complete, click "Finish."

4 . Start Microsoft Outlook. The IMS setup script will walk you through the steps required to configure and use the application. The configuration and analysis process will take up to several minutes, depending on the size of your Outlook mailbox. To utilize full ClearContext functionality on initial startup, it is highly recommended that you allow the Contact Analyzer to complete without canceling. Our patent pending contact analysis algorithm looks at your email history to determine who you communicate with the most and ranks them accordingly. If you have frequent contacts in your email history that are not present within your address book, ClearContext will create a contact record in the "ClearContext Contacts" folder underneath your regular Outlook contact folder. Once this process is complete, select "Exit" to be taken to your newly organized Inbox.

5 . Each of your contacts will now be assigned a priority based on the frequency of your email interactions with them. You can open a contact record to view that priority. If you have a handful of contacts whose email you always want to see at the top of your Inbox (family, close friends, boss, etc.), open up their Contact records and make sure their priority is set to "Very High." If you already use Contact records, these records will be in your main Contacts file. If you don't use Outlook Contacts, these contacts will have been added into the ClearContext Contacts folder assuming you have emails to/from these individuals in your email history. For any email addresses that don't exist in your Contact folders but you want to make high priority, simply create a new Contact record and set the priority accordingly. To see the default non-ClearContext Outlook view, select View > Current View > Messages from the Outlook menu. In Outlook 2003, select View > Arrange By > Current View > Messages. In Outlook 2007, select View > Current View > Messages.

You are now ready to start using ClearContext! No more installation or training of the software is required. You will note that your email has been organized and color-coded within the inbox by priority. The ClearContext menu bar can be used to defer messages for later viewing, convert email to tasks and appointments, and categorize and file messages. To change the Inbox View you are using, select ClearContext > Inbox Views > View Selection Wizard.

Out of the box, the default settings should immediately make you more productive. However, for those power users who want to further enhance the application, please see our User Guide for information on customizing the application to meet your specific needs. Also, for additional information on IMS features, see our Product Overview page. Finally, please review our Features and Support Forum for updated information regarding the product, including feature requests, support issues, and answers to common questions.