ClearContext Partner Programs

At ClearContext we have a number of partnership programs for organizations interested in working with us to provide comprehensive messaging and productivity solutions to customers. Please read more below about our technology, domain, affiliate, and reseller partner programs.

Technology Partners

ClearContext is interested in partnering with other software providers with complementary messaging and productivity solutions.

ActiveWords is a powerful productivity tool that adds keywords to Windows, providing a personal, portable, context free user interface with immediate response. Your words launch programs, jump to websites, send email, substitute text, search, and more. The ActiveWords ClearContext Agent provides a connector between the two applications, integrating basic ClearContext functions into the AW framework. See our ActiveWords partner page for more detail.

Are you interested in becoming a ClearContext Technology Partner? Contact for more detail.

Productivity Partners

ClearContext partners with experts in productivity and communications strategies to help our customers take full advantage of ClearContext products:

Michael Linenberger has written a fantastic book on Outlook productivity, Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook. The Total Workday Control (TWC) System will teach you how to change the way you work. We have built a special TWC-enabled version of ClearContext that installs some of the views that Michael prescribes in his book. Download from our TWC partner page.