Master Your Now + ClearContext Professional
Total Workday Control Special Edition


TWC Book
ClearContext has partnered with Michael Linenberger, author of best-selling Outlook book Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook. This special version of ClearContext Professional configures Outlook with everything you need to start using the Master Your Now (MYN) system as described in Total Workday Control.

Current ClearContext Users: please uninstall ClearContext prior to installing the MYN version of the product.

Why Use ClearContext with MYN?

A Superior E-mail and Task Management Methodology
Michael Linenberger's #1 best-selling Outlook book, Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook, provides a powerful, heavy-duty Outlook task and email management process.  The Master Your Now methodology, in conjunction with ClearContext for Outlook, is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for managing your busy workday using Microsoft Outlook. The MYN-Special Edition of ClearContext, developed with Michael Linenberger, has all MYN recommended configurations from the book built in so that you can immediately get started using the TWC system. Here are Three Reasons You'll Want this Software

Many More Useful Views
The MYN version of ClearContext comes pre-configured with everything you need to start efficiently managing your workday.  The TaskPad or To-Do Bar is configured in this special edition to match the very powerful MYN task management methodology. In addition, there are eleven new views added to Outlook when you install this software; all following the MYN e-mail and task management principles documented in the book.  
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ClearContext Owns the Inbox, MYN Owns the Task List
One way to look at this methodology and software special edition is this: ClearContext owns the Inbox, MYN owns the task list. Use ClearContext inbox tools to gain control of the Inbox, and use the ClearContext Dashboard and MessageContext to relate e-mail to tasks and projects. Use the MYN approach to manage your Outlook task list.  The MYN methodology is a superb process for managing tasks, with a very intelligent way to identify various types of tasks and make sure they get done.

Managing Tasks Based on Urgency Zones

MYN’s approach (built into this special edition of ClearContext) is to structure the task list into three or four “Urgency Zones.” These are: Critical-Now tasks, Opportunity-Now Tasks, Over-the-Horizon Tasks, and optional Target-Now tasks. These four urgency zones map into the Outlook task list as configured in the MYN Special Edition software. Used in conjunction with the book’s instructions, this provides superior order and efficiency to your Outlook task list and helps you focus on what is important to you.

MYN TaskPad Mapping
The MYN Task System Really Works
Many people using this system say that is the first time they have ever been able to use the Outlook task system effectively. It really does work, and it is simple to learn. Check out the huge number of positive reviews on Amazon for the book; you’ll see they are really praising the MYN system, and that’s what is configured into this software. We encourage you to download this MYN Special Edition of ClearContext and see the results yourself. Be sure to get a copy of the book too, so you can follow the practices behind the configurations in the software.