ClearContext Personal: Preview

ClearContext Personal helps Outlook users manage the ever-increasing flood of unimportant email.  Social networking sites, newsletters, e-commerce sites, and other automated “bacn” email now make up 25-50% of many people’s inboxes.  ClearContext Personal automatically files these emails into categorized groups with no rules, configuration, or training required from the user – and highlights the most important emails remaining in your inbox.


AutoFile in the ClearContext Sidebar

AutoFile - Automatically file unimportant messages out of your inbox to deal with later

  • Quickly review all your newsletters, social networking, ecommerce and other “bacn” emails
  • Review only specific categories of email like “travel”
  • Mark read or delete messages at the click of a button
  • Just drag messages into the AutoFile group and ClearContext will automatically file future messages
AutoFile Daily Digest

Daily Digest – Receive a single daily digest email of all autofiled email, so information is never lost

  • A daily review to quickly scan all your AutoFiled messages
  • A summary of your email statistics and responsiveness
Prioritized Inbox - mark your messages important

Mark Important - Highlighting email from important senders in your inbox with a simple "Important" button

  • Emails from known senders are highlighted in green as “CC OK”
  • Emails from high priority senders are highlighted in red as “CC VIP”
  • Just hit the “important” button to have messages from important senders designated “VIP”


AutoFile Demonstration (1 min 5s)

Embed this demo from YouTube.

Watch a brief demo of ClearContext Personal

System Requirements:

Outlook '03, '07 or '10
Windows 7, Vista or XP
POP, Exchange 2000 - 2010
(Cached Exchange Mode Recommended for Exchange Users)