Three Reasons You'll Want MYN Views and ClearContext

  1. Save Time: As a TWC book reader, and new MYN system user, you can save time over doing manual configurations in the book. Nearly all the book configurations are installed with the software. This includes the basic TaskPad and To-Do Bar configurations (Lesson 3), the e-mail filing views (Lesson 8) and nearly all advanced configurations (Lessons 11 and 12). More details on that below.
  2. Access Add-on MYN Shortcut Tools: The software will give you access to many powerful shortcut tools that greatly support the MYN Master-Your-Now! Outlook system. Tools like the Task button, the Schedule button, and more, all directly benefit your use of the MYN system by making standard system workflow operations easier. This software is the only way to get these; you cannot add them yourself manually. More on these tools below.
  3. Add Useful Outlook Tools: A large number of very useful extra tools are added to Outlook by this software, tools that while not directly part of MYN system, will greatly help your productivity. For example, you will find e-mail color coding based on contact prioritization an immensely useful feature. More below.

Here are details of these features.

 Save Time: Take Advantage of the Built-In Master-Your-Now! System Configurations

Basic TaskPad and To-Do Bar Configurations

As taught in the book, the To-Do Bar will be your main control panel for to-do’s and converted e-mails. In Lesson 3 of the book you make those configurations manually and that takes about 20 minutes. That won’t be needed if you install the MYN Views software. Here is how those task lists look once configured against the MYN task management theory (see book Lesson 1 for what the labels mean).

1. E-mail Filing Views

As taught in Lessons 5 and 8 of the book, category or topic tagging of your e-mail is the recommended way to file mail. If after reading Lessons 5 and 8 you find this meets your needs, you will greatly benefit by adding custom Outlook views that group mail by Category or by ClearContext Topic. Those views have been added to the MYN Views software. Specifically:

  • Once using the Processed Mail folder per Lesson 5 to store old mail, you will want a view that groups mail by filed category or topic. The MYN Views software comes with views that do that for you (and that actually go beyond what is offered in the book).

Advanced TWC-MYN Configurations

As taught in Lessons 11 and 12 of the book, there are a number of optional Tasks folder views you can build in Outlook that will enhance your experience with the MYN system. Nearly all of those are included pre-built in the MYN Views software. Here are what some of these views accomplish:

  • Two views that help you determine how much work is on your plate in the week ahead.
  • Project and Goal management views that link tasks with higher level projects and goals.
  • A view that reviews tasks you have placed in your future Defer-to-Review list (from Lesson 9).
  • A view that shows all future Now-Tasks, so you can plan ahead.
  • A Recently Completed Tasks view that helps with status reports and tasks folder cleanup.

All of these have been designed with MYN task management principles in mind.

2. ClearContext MYN Shortcut Tools: Speed and Improve Your MYN System Usage

Task Button:There are two ways to convert e-mails to tasks in out-of-the-box Outlook, and neither produces an ideal result. The Task button added by ClearContext does produce an ideal result: a task item with both the e-mail text and the e-mail attached as a file item, the latter allowing easy reply or attachment review. Furthermore, this Task button is accessible from within the open e-mail itself, which saves steps when creating tasks.

Followup Msg Button Creating follow-up tasks from messages is a best practice encouraged in Lesson 7. The steps to do that are a bit slow in unaltered Outlook. The software adds a simple button that automates this.

Schedule Button Like the Tasks button, this facilitates conversion of e-mails, with both text and e-mail file copy attached.

Topic / Category Tagging Tagging e-mail is an MYN best practice for filing mail. ClearContext has a large number of tools built in to make tagging easier and more automatic, including a File Msg button that assigns and files at the same time (see below).

3. Additional, Useful Tools added by ClearContext (not part of MYN)

Related View and Dashboard How often have you seen an e-mail and wished you could easily review the other e-mails, tasks, and calendar items associated with that topic? Well these tools give you a way to do that.

Defer Button Using this button I do not agree with, but many users like it. It causes the selected e-mail to disappear from your Inbox, and reappear at a later time. I think converting to a task is a better solution, but as I say, many people love this feature; you may too.

Automatic Filing into Single or Multiple Folders You can tag and file at the same time using this button. In v5.1, settings can be made to file into a single folder (the Processed Mail folder), or into individual topic folders.

That’s the list of features, and reasons why a TWC book reader should consider getting this software. If you are ready to try the software, use the links above left to download or buy now.