Welcome to the new ClearContext

The new ClearContext is an all inclusive service featuring automatic updates to the latest software, included support and available access to early releases.

The new ClearContext will provide the following benefits:

  • More frequent updates, both large and small
  • Completely automatic upgrades without manual intervention in most cases
  • Optional access to beta/early update channel, controllable by you
  • Flexible billing with a low monthly cost or a discounted yearly option
  • Ongoing access to support, as opposed to the 60 days included with ClearContext Professional
  • Use on up to 5 computers for the same user, up from 2 on ClearContext Professional

System Requirements:
  • Outlook 2010 or newer
  • Windows 10 and 8.1
  • POP/SMTP, Exchange (Cached Exchange Mode Recommended), Google Apps, Exchange Active Sync (EAS) for hotmail/outlook.com accounts

MYN User Notes:

ClearContext now works with the MYN Views Outlook add-in to provide the equivalent MYN support as in the past. The MYN Views add-in in installs and maintains the MYN Outlook views, and enables MYN mode in ClearContext so that ClearContext configures itself to the MYN mode of operation.

Licensed users of the previous MYN-ClearContext Pro product can obtain a complimentary license to the MYN Views add-in here: http://mynviews.com/pro_migrate/


Q: When is the new ClearContext available?
A: The new ClearContext is available immediately! Click on any download link on our web site to download the new ClearContext.

Q: Why is this new product necessary?
A: ClearContext is embracing integration with the cloud and ability for ClearContext to provide services remotely. Initially, this will provide tremendous benefits in updating the product more rapidly and easily. Down the line, we see the cloud integration making possible even more capabilities that would not be possible with the legacy standalone ClearContext Professional.

Q: What are the new features you are planning?
A: The first new capability you will notice are the seamless automatic updates. The product will automatically update itself in the background, and you will receive a notification whenever you have been updated to a new version. To date, we have released numerous updates with major updates to the Dashboard and AutoFile, as well as improvements to many other areas as well. Moving forward, we plan to continue these regular updates and launch additional online services. Please visit our blog for details on past updates and status updates for the future.

Q: What is the cost to upgrade to the new ClearContext
A: ClearContext is priced at $8.95 per month or $79.95 per year.

Q: What will be happening ClearContext Professional?
A: While ClearContext Professional will continue to function within the original compatibility limits (Windows 7-10, and Office 2007-2016), development will cease and support will be phased out. We hope you will join us in the new ClearContext experience.

Q: What about Connect subscriptions?
A: Active Connect subscribers can still obtain direct email support for the legacy ClearContext Pro product. However, the available support may be limited due to the end of development for the legacy product..

Sign up for the new ClearContext

Low monthly option, or save with the yearly option.


Upgrading from ClearContext Pro

If the older Clearcontext Pro is installed, it must be uninstalled. Please shut down Outlook and uninstall ClearContext Pro from the Windows Control Panel before running the ClearContext installer.