Complete Removal of ClearContext from Windows

In a typical ClearContext uninstall from Windows Control Panel, some remnants of the program are left in the registry to ensure that upgrades go through as expected. The following instructions can be used to more thoroughly remove ClearContext from corrupted Windows/Outlook installs. If ClearContext is no longer running, first try re-enabling via COM Add-ins and Disabled Items by following directions in our Knowledge Base.

Only use the process below if you are experiencing major issues that prevent the product from functioning. This process will delete all ClearContext preferences and settings to a file. If the process is run more than once, the backup may be overwritten. Proceed with caution.

To completely remove ClearContext from your PC:

  1. Uninstall ClearContext via Windows Control Panel if you have not done so already.
  2. If you see an error while trying to uninstall ClearContext in step 1, download and run the following Microsoft utility:

    and attempt to uninstall ClearContext with the utility
  3. Download the file
    (Note: if you are running the old ClearContext Pro product, v7.1 and earlier, use the file:
  4. Right click the file on your hard drive and select Extract All.
  5. Open the folder the files were extracted to and run cc_new_removal.bat.
  6. Follow directions to completely remove ClearContext.