ClearContext Terms of Service and License

Updated November 14, 2016

Thank you for using Clearcontext! The product license agreement governs your use of the ClearContext products and services ("Product"). This page is a summary and addendum of the full agreement. Additionally, our privacy policy may be found here.

Access to ClearContext Software and Service

You are granted use of the ClearContext Product when a) you opt for a free trial if available or b) when you register the Product as described in the Registration section. The Product may consist of client software you install on your computer, automatic updates to the client software, support, online services linked to client software, and/or standalone online services. Continued access to the product is contingent on complying with the conditions of the Registration section and license terms. License to the Product is limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable. You agree not to reverse engineer, alter or redistribute any part of the Product without authorization.


For continued use of the product, each user must purchase a license and/or subscription to the product. Each subscription and license is intended for one user, and may not be shared with others. Where applicable, up to 5 instances of client software may be installed for each license and subscription. Subscriptions, once started, will automatically be renewed near the end of the term and the payment method on file will be charged at the then current rate. The automatic renewal will continue until the subscriber cancels the subscription. Unless covered by the Money Back Guarantee, cancelled subscriptions will continue to their scheduled end date and will not be eligible for a refund. If ClearContext is unable to obtain payment for a subscription or license, the subscription/license and access to the Product will be suspended or terminated.

Money Back Guarantee

For new subscriptions, within 30 days of payment, cancellation may be requested for the initial subscription period and payment refunded. In this case, the subscription and access to the Product will be terminated immediately. For non-subscription Products, requests for refund must also be made within 30 days of payment, and use of the Product must cease.


The Product is licensed, not sold, and the Product and all intellectual property and proprietary rights are owned by ClearContext. ClearContext may collect and use information obtained during use the Product as described in our privacy policy.

For complete details of the license and terms, please refer to the product license agreement. Terms in the product license agreement take precedence, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Note: Not all terms of this agreement may apply to the legacy ClearContext Professional, Personal or AutoFile products. Refer to the license agreement for those products.