The Organizer Helps Keep Your Tasks Organized

The ClearContext Organizer provides a number of different ways to view and easily organize your tasks in Outlook. Views for managing by Date, Project, Category and Recent are provided. In addition, views for upcoming and completed tasks and appointments by week are available in the Weekly Planner and Review Completed.


Use the Organizer button in the toolbar/ribbon or from the Dashboard to launch the Organizer.


Select a tab on the top of the Organizer to view tasks in they way you would like to manage them


Select one or more tasks, and either press one of the buttons on bottom or right click to change the desired attribute for the tasks.

More Tips:


Use the Recent tab to view and manage the tasks you created with QuickTasks. QuickTasks can be launched from the toolbar or Dashboard.


Groups can be collapsed and the items hidden within each view by clicking on the up arrow icon all the way to the right of the group name.


The Organizer can manage task by Start Date instead of Due Date. Click the gear icon on the bottom right to change. This setting will also change that setting for QuickTasks.

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