Getting Started with ClearContext

You’re just minutes away from taking control of your Inbox! Keep on top of your emails and to-dos in 4 key areas:

  • Clearing your Inbox
  • Turning emails into actions
  • Keeping up with what's due and coming up
  • Organizing and reviewing your upcoming work

Here are some quick tutorials to get you started.

If you haven't done so already, download and install ClearContext here.


Clear Your Inbox

ClearContext helps keep your Inbox clear so you can focus on your important emails


Clear your Inbox with one click filing

ClearContext provides one click filing suggestions to get your emails filed quickly and efficiently.

File Message

Declutter your Inbox from bulk email

AutoFile clears bulk email for later review with built in rules for common bulk senders and custom rules you can create.


Snooze Inbox messages

Use the Defer feature to snooze messages out of your Inbox and automatically return them when you are ready to handle them.


Turn Your Emails into Actions

ClearContext turns your emails into Tasks and Appointments so you can deal with all your to-dos in the same way


Create Tasks and Appointments

Tasks and Appointments can be created from email messages - copying the content and maintaining a link to the original email.

Task Button

Follow up on sent emails

Get reminded if you haven't received an email response you are expecting.


Keep Up With What's Due and Coming Up

ClearContext keeps you updated on what your next actions are so you know what to work on next


Get your work done

The ClearContext Dashboard shows you Project status and upcoming Tasks and Appointments at a glance so you know what is due or coming up.


Organize and Review

ClearContext helps you stay on top of your work with powerful views of your Tasks and Appointments


Organize Your Tasks

The ClearContext Organizer shows your tasks by due date, Project, week and other ways to make it easy manage your tasks.


For additional details, please view the User Guide.