ClearContext Professional Support Information

The ClearContext Professional product has been discontinued and replaced by the new ClearContext subscription. As such, the Pro product is no longer being actively developed or maintained.

Current ClearContext Subscribers

If you are seeing this message, you need to do a one time setup to the new product, after which updates will be automatic.

Please shut down Outlook, uninstall ClearContext from the Windows Control Panel and install the current product from the download page.


Q: How do I upgrade to the current supported ClearContext product?

A: The Professional product has been replaced by a new subscription based service that includes the product license, automatic updates and support. This change was necessary to adapt to the increasingly cloud based nature of software products, including Microsoft's transition to moving Outlook add-ins to a web based interface. Initial benefits to the new subscription service include faster automatic updates and priority support, with future planned expansion to additional cloud services. Click here for more details on the new ClearContext.

To update to the new service from the previous Pro product:

  • Shut down Outlook
  • Uninstall ClearContext Professional from the Windows Control Panel
  • Download and install the current product from the download page
  • Settings will be copied over from the old product, and a 30 day trial will be provided

Q: What support is available for ClearContext Professional?

A: The ClearContext Professional product included an initial 60 days of support, with the option to purchase the Connect option for upgrades and continued support. For most users, this will mean that direct support is not available. Please visit our help site for self-help options.

Q: I have an active Connect membership, what benefits are available?

A: For those with active Connect memberships, direct support via email for ClearContext Pro is available. However, the available support may be limited due to the end of development for the legacy product.

Q: Can I obtain my license key and download links for ClearContext Pro?

A: Please use our request form to obtain that information: Request Form

Q: Will the legacy Professional product continue to work?

A: Yes, the product will continue to operate without expiration within the limits of the versions of Windows and Outlook they were developed and tested for. Version 7.1 is compatible with Windows 7-10 and Office 2007-2016.