Move Project

The Move Project function is a utility to aid in renaming Projects/Folders in ClearContext, and reassigning and relabeling any items associated with them.

Unlike renaming a folder directly in Outlook which only changes the name of the folder itself, the Move Project function performs the following actions:

  • Reassigns any message conversations assigned to the previous name to the new name, so that future emails are assigned correctly to the new name and not the old one
  • Reassigns existing mail items, tasks and appointments
  • Relabels the Project name in the category fields for:
    • emails in the Inbox
    • filed emails
    • task items
    • appointment items
  • Moves filed email messages to the new Project folder
  • Moves Project notes
  • Transfers AutoFile rules
  • Adjusts filing suggestions so the new Project name

The Move Project function can be launched from the following locations:

  • Detail Dashboard
  • File Msg/Thread window
  • Project Assign window
  • ClearContext Options->AutoFile, Change Name button
    (applicable to AutoFile folders that map to Project folders)

launch Move Project

Once the Move Project function is launched, the new Project name will be requested, and then Move Project progress window will appear:
Move Project progress