Unsubscribe from Thread: Remove Unwanted Conversations from the Inbox

Unsubscribe is a deprecated feature enabled only for Outlook 2007. For users using Outlook 2010 and newer, the built in Outlook function Ignore is suggested.


Unsubscribe from Thread allows you to remove all current and future messages in a conversation out of the Inbox so that they don't clutter your Inbox.

IMS User Guide: Unsubscribe from Message Threads 


When copied on a long email thread that you have no interest in (i.e. joke threads, happy hour planning, etc.), highlight a message from the thread, click Unsubscribe, and all Inbox messages from that conversation will be automatically moved to the ClearContext Unsubscribed folder (a sub-folder of Inbox). All future messages that you receive from the same conversation will automatically be moved to this folder as well. To re-subscribe to the thread, go to the ClearContext Unsubscribed folder, highlight a message from the thread, click Unsubscribe, and future messages you receive will stay in the Inbox.

Unsubscribe to Project Folders

If a Project is assigned to the current thread, ClearContext can send unsubscribed messages to Project folders rather than the ClearContext Unsubscribed folder. To turn this option on, go to ClearContext > Options > Project Options and check "File unsubscribed messages with a Project to the Project Folder."