Pending Dashboard

The Pending tab in the Dashboard separates out tasks and to-dos from the Dashboard that are not actionable now and awaiting future action. This separation allows the to-do list to be less cluttered and more focused on things that can be worked on right now.

The Pending list contains three types of items:

  • Followup Tasks awaiting a response are shown here. If a specific response is expected, the pending email contact is listed in the subject line as well. If a Followup is automatically completed due to a response, it will be marked completed and removed from the list.

    * Only Followup tasks set to cancel automatically by ClearContext are shown in the Pending tab.
  • Deferred messages that were snoozed and are awaiting return to the Inbox are listed here. The date field shows the scheduled return date as well as the message received time.
  • Context Tasks marked with specific pending categories. The @pending category is used by default, and other pending categories can be customized by clicking on the gear icon in the Pending tab.
Task listed in the Pending list can be interacted with in the same way as the Overview tab by marking complete, double clicking to open, or right clicking for other actions.

By default, tasks in the Pending list do not also show up in the main Dashboard task list. However, the option Show Pending Tasks is available in the Task list menu of the Summary Dashboard to also include Pending tasks in that list in addition to the Pending list.