Followup: Remind Yourself to Check on the Status of a Message

With Followup Msg, quickly and easily create automated reminders of important email responses that you are expecting.

Automated Outlook Reply Reminder


As you send email, Followup Msg will create a task to remind you if you have not received a response in a designated amount of time. As you compose a message, click the Followup Msg button and select the time period for your reminder. Choose from the following completion options:

  • Cancel the reminder task when you receive a new message in the conversation, regardless of sender
  • Cancel the reminder task when you receive a new message in the conversation from a specific sender
  • Never cancel the reminder task, regardless of whether you receive further correspondence in the conversation or not

When you send the message, a task with the message subject and the prefix "Followup:" will be created in your tasks list. It will remind you of the follow-up at the time you chose. Enable/Disable the task reminder from the options screen.

To assign a specific status or category to the followup task, assign Followup Initial Status as you create the follow up.

You can also create a Follow-Up task for any message conversation at any time by highlighting the message within Outlook and selecting FollowUp Message from the ClearContext tab/menu.

Multiple Addresses

Specify multiple addresses in the "Once I receive a response to this message conversation from a specific email address" field by separating them with a semi-colon. If you receive a response from any of the addresses in that field, the task will be automatically marked as complete.